Unlimited Re-seller Hosting

Unlimited Re-seller Hosting


This tutorial is about Abollyhost Unlimited Re-seller Hosting.

Firstly, what is Re-seller Hosting? Re-seller Hosting is a type hosting that allow individual to sell a company space. The company web hosting company allow individual to sell there services. This type of hosting is require when you want to start a hosting company. Is not that you will be selling the company’s name but the name you have given to your own web hosting company. In Abollyhost, we have three type of re-seller hosting package.


This hosting package is call ‘Pentium’. The hosting package has 25 resold accounts.We offer it for just ₦2500 monthly.  That means you can sell 25 accounts. We offer 14 days money back guarantee. The package has 15000 GB monthly bandwidth. In addition, we offer free S.S.L certificate, 24/7 support. it also have 20 GB storage space. If you want to start a web hosting business, this package is good to start with.


This hosting package is higher than the first one. This has a larger space, more bandwidth. On this package you will be able to sell 50 accounts. It also has unlimited bandwidth, 100 GB storage space, weekly backup, free S.S.L certificate etc. We also offer 24/7 support for our customers. You can also start with this package if you want to start a web hosting business. It is good also.


                                                   Lastly, this package is so awesome. In short this package is just so good to start with. It has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited reselling accounts. You can sell has many account has possible, unlimited storage space etc. We offer this unlimited package for just ₦15,000 per month. Compare this package price to other companies price. You can rarely see any any hosting provider that will provide you with this kind of package at ₦15000  per month. Abollyhost is a type of hosting provider that you will rarely see around. We make sure our customers are satisfied and convenient.

What are you still waiting for, register your re-seller hosting with Abollyhost today and you will never regret.

Thank you !

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