Best Reseller hosting with whmcs

Best Reseller hosting with whmcs

Reseller hosting with whmcs

Hello, welcome to Abollyhost Digital Solution  Here are the reason we choose abollyhost as  Best Reseller Hosting with Whmcs in Nigeria  , so if we are talking about Best Reseller Hosting Company  Abollyhost is the Best

What is Whmcs?

WHMCS (WHM Complete Solution) is one of the most popular web hosting management and billing solution that helps to automate a lot of areas, especially for hosting and domain resellers and registrars.
It can be used for provisioning hosting accounts for clients when they pay, helps to automate the process of registering domains, etc. It also works very well with WHM (Web Host Manager) and other leading control panels

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Where did WHMCS come from?

Sometime around 2003 Matt Pugh, a web host, set out to simplify and automate essentially anything you can that’s required for web hosting companies. WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution, a name they sought to earn with features and functionality. While initially created as an independent project from cPanel+WHM in 2012 the companies


So, if you’re going to enter the reseller hosting business, you’ll need a WHMCS.

The question is to find the right reseller hosting Cpanel WHMCS providers who can make a fair deal and trustworthiness over any trouble?

To answer this question, Abollyhost is   the  host Best reseller Hosting Cpanel WHMCS providers.

Why you should use Abollyhost?


AbollyHost is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar. In addition to great pricing and a commitment to world-class customer service, we offer web hosting, email, website builder, premium and expired domain names, and SSL certificates.



Best reseller hosting Cpanel WHMCS service  (Abollyhost)


Abollyhost has been operating for more than a decade and is well known for its large number of servers and outstanding reliability. Abollyhost also offers unlimited client accounts, but you’re eventually limited by disk space and bandwidth restrictions. It has a 30 days money back guarantee.

Abollyhost offers free WHMCS Client Management/Billing software in each reliable hosting reseller plan. Abollyhost UI is flexible and easy to use. It provides the latest whm control panel with multi-language. Abollyhost has award-winning 24/7/365 Premium customer support via Phone and Live Chat.

Why should I use WHMCS?

Running a web hosting or domain registration business means managing services from different areas and possibly different providers. Rather than logging into different systems, WHMCS helps save your time

  1. Automation:WHMCS allows you to automate many common tasks of a web hosting company and domain registrar business. Some of the tasks include:
    • Automatically provisioning a hosting account.
    • Automatically creating an invoice for your client and sending it as an email
    • Automatically registering a domain name with your domain provider/registrar when an invoice is marked as paid and/or order is accepted
    • Upgrade/downgrading the serviceservice of a person when it is requested.

    This also means that when a person makes payment online with a payment processor that has been added to WHMCS for a hosting account, the hosting account can be automatically provisioned for the person.

  2. Billing: You can set billing cycles such as monthly, annually etc so that a person can pay for a month or a year. Once the service is about to expire, an invoice will be automatically generated and an email with the invoice attached as a PDF will be sent. When the complete payment is added to an invoice, the invoice will be marked as paid and a mail will be sent across to the client confirming his payment. WHMCS also helps with recurring payments for domains and hosting, so that the renewal invoices are created on time automatically. You can also give coupons for discounts, send quotes to a client for a service, create custom invoices, add bank transfer payments, etc.
  3. Domain Reselling: The tools you need to sell domains, such as a domain lookup to check the availability of a domain, domain registration, domain transfer and also domain renewal comes with WHMCS. A client can also choose the number of years he wants to register for. We also have a domain reseller module for WHMCS to allow our domain reseller to automate the domain reselling process.
  4. Administrative Area: WHMCS comes with an administrative area that helps you manage your clients and the services they have purchased with you. You can also manage the hosting packages you have created on WHM as a reseller from here. WHMCS also comes with a ticketing support system, that allows your customers to send you emails and it is logged on the system. The support ticketing system works with departments so that responsibilities can be separated by department. You can also open tickets. The support ticketing system also helps you keep track of all support request per customer.
  5. Client area: Another reason for using WHMCS is the fact that your clients will have a client area, which they can log in to manage their products or services that they have gotten from you. They can also see the date the service is expiring

Some of the other features include creating knowledgebase articles, announcements etc.

You can also sell products/services that are not hosting and domains with the WHMCS platform

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