Shared / Reseller / WordPress / Application Hosting:

Shared and re-seller hosting accounts will be activated instantly on receipt of payment.
Once paid, our systems will automatically provision your account and will notify you of any relevant setup / information.

Due to our fraud prevention systems – any order may be placed in a ‘Pending’ state awaiting
confirmation / acceptance by management. This may cause delays and will prevent automatic creation of the shared hosting accounts
mentioned above.

Cloud / VPS / Dedicated and Other:
apart from those on our shared hosting environments will be provisioned manually within 48 hours following receipt of first payment.

Shared Hosting

Our shared hosting is subject and bind with our General Terms and Conditions

  1. We may decide not to provide our products/services for any reasons which may not be disclose or discuss for any reasons.
  2. We reserve the rights to suspend or terminate any of the products/services we provide for any reasons, which maybe discuss or disclosed.
  3. As stated on our Refund Policy, any account that is suspended or terminated due to violation of our terms and conditions, will not eligible for refund in any in any ways and we should not be quarry for such in anyway.
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