Yoast Seo Premium Free Download [Not Nulled]

Have you been searching for where to download the yoast seo premium plugin for free ?. If yes, then you are at the right place to it for free.

Note :

  1. This plugin is for free ( You won’t spend a dime to get it).
  2. This seo plugin is not nulled, it has been automatically activated with the license.
  3. It will drastically improve your rankings and organic traffic and also make some improvements in your website visibility on search engines.
  4. You can use it to outrank your competitors.
  5. I will teach you how to use it effectively.
  6. It can never work on blogspot, it is meant only for wordpress websites/blogs.
  7. You can’t use two seo plugins at the same time.

Let’s get started right away.


yoast seo premium free download

Differences Between The Normal Yoast Plugin And The Yoast Premium Plugin

  • Canonical URLs : This great feature is in the Yoast SEO free and premium plugin. It enables you to set canonical
    URLs. The same content on your site may be available on various
    URLs. To avoid confusing Google (and the user), you can tell
    search engines which URL you want them to index.
  • Breadcrumbs : Both yoast premium and free plugin plugin gives you full control over your breadcrumbs.
    Breadcrumbs are the links, usually above the title post, that look
    like Home » blog » yoast premium plugin download . They allow users to easily
    navigate your site, and make it easier for search engines to
    determine the structure of your site.
  • Snippets Preview : The Yoast SEO plugin comes with a handy snippet preview, which
    will show you what your page will look like in the search results. It not only shows you a preview of the page title and meta
    description, but also allows you to optimize them per individual
    page or post.
  • Readability Analysis : Yoast uses the flesch readability scale to rate how your text is easy to read. Your content must be easy to read, both to search engines and users. This feature is available in the free and premium plugin.
  • Keyword Optimization : Keyword optimization is yoast seo most important feature. It enables
    you to optimize a post or a page for a specific keyword (or key
    phrase). You can insert the focus keyword you want to optimize
    for, and the plugin tells you if you have used that focus keyword
    the right way in that specific post. Keep in mind that the focus
    keyword does not give any information to Google, it’s just meant
    to help you create a post that is well-written and optimized for
    search engines.
  • Technical Configuration
    : Yoast SEO plugin also handles the technical configuration of your site for
    search engines. For example, our plugin takes care of robots.txt,
    the .htaccess files, clean permalink URLs and XML sitemaps.
  • Social Preview : With this premium plugin, you are able to see how your article is going to look like when shared on social media. You can see the preview of it on facebook and twitter.
  • Focus on multiple keywords : With the free version you can only target one keyword per article or blog post.
  • Contents insights : Yoast SEO Premium tells you the words or word combinations
    that appear most often in your text. Use this feature to check if
    your text is optimized for the right keywords. You may get
    valuable insights when a different word keeps popping up or you
    could notice a new combination of words.
  • Advertisement : There are no advertisement in the premium version, while in the free version there are lots of advertisement.
  • Tool for internal linking : With yoast premium internal linking tool it’s super easy to link to related
    posts. The tool shows you which posts are related to the one
    you’re working on, so you can easily structure your content. This
    way, you can show both Google and your users which posts are
    related, and which are most important.
  • 404 errors redirection : When expanding your site, you’re bound to run into cases where
    you’re deleting pages, moving pages, changing URLs for
    categories, etc. All these changes can cause problems when you’re
    not properly redirecting the old URLs to new ones. Yoast premium plugin redirect
    manager can help you solve all these issues and more.

How To Setup The Plugin Easily

  1. Download the plugin : You need to first download the plugin. Download free wordpress seo premium plugin . It is not up to 5mb and won’t eat up much space or data.
  2. Upload and Activate It : Login to wordpress, upload and install this seo plugin. Note that if you were previously using the free plugin, you need to deactivate it before activating the premium plugin.
  3. Configure it (If you have never use yoast seo plugin before) : Use the configuration wizard to set it up, it’s very simple.
  4. Enjoy your yoast seo premium plugin and use it wisely to outrank your competitors.


What Yoast Seo Premium Plugin Cannot Do For You

  1. Keywords Research : I am sure that you know what keywords research means. This plugin cannot do the keywords research for you. You should try to do some research on keywords that you want to target. You can use tools like ubersuggest, keywordseverywhere extension, Google trends, Google autosuggest, yoast suggest, kwfinder, etcetera..
  2. Writing contents : You need to write your content by yourself. This seo plugin cannot do this for you. Don’t forget to always follow the toast suggestions when writing your articles or blog post on your website. Write high quality, awesome and original content for your users first, then search engines should follow up.
  3. Configuration of the plugin : This wordpress plugin cannot configure itself. You have to configure it by yourself. It is quite simple, just use the configuration wizard.


While this seo plugin is for free, you can’t get support from the yoast team. Note that this plugin is worth $90+ and you are getting it without paying a dime.

You got this yoast seo premium plugin for free, please don’t sell it to others. Share the link of this post with them.

This wordpress seo plugin is not nulled, I repeat not nulled. Nulled plugins are really bad for your website.

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