How to make money online on our affiliate program

Hello my users, we are happy to inform you that you can now apply to our affiliate program on Abolly Hosting Inc.


How Its Works


Send or write a mail to sales@abollyhost.com OR support@abollyhost.com

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Your message contents should be inform of


[your company OR full name]

[your website]

[your official email address]

[your phone number]

[your contact address]



Wait for a review by our moderator, this maytake upto 72hrs


you will get a confirmation message from one of our moderator, or from no-reply@abollyhost.com

this will contain the next steps for you to take.



We pays you 20% of your paid referral orders, so this is a chance for you to make more.






How did this work?

Before you can qualify for this offer, you have to be an active customer on Abolly Hosting Inc.

and you needs to send a request message to us, for more information please contact us

How will I receive my payments?

To receive your payment you have to reach our minimum payout, which is N1000

and the cashout is once in a month.

We make a payments into your

  1. Bank Account
  2. Abollyhost Account
  3. Mobile Account.

How Long Will The payment Takes?

We make your payment within 7working days of cashout, and this maybe varies but can’t exceed 14days.

Can I Use My Funds To Make Order On Abollyhost?

Yes you can use your referral bonus funds to make an order for any products and services on our website.


If you have More Questions please drop it in comments box now

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