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We all know that website speed matters. No one likes a slow website. Even the most causal of all web users will prefer faster websites over slower websites. It’s become so important that Google uses the website loading speed as a ranking factor, so don’t hesitate! Get your website loading time as low as possible. Though You Ca Also Use Cloudflare But Is Not Well Recommended.

Today I’m going to show you how to improve the speed of your WordPress website. You will also learn how to check the speed of your website along with tips on reading the test results.

By following this information, you’ll learn how to keep your WordPress website fast!

The speed optimization process is pretty standard for most websites. It involves a database & script optimization, image resizing and compression, and a few other adjustments. WordPress websites we build have these optimization methods built into their designs.

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools PageSpeed


Pingdom Tools lets you select from a list of test locations. When assessing a client’s webs


te, I’ll run tests from a few locations. When I do this, I take into consideration the client server location and where their target demographic lives

.   Visit Pingdom


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