We are a Sub-Registrar and as such may provide you with a domain name via our various registrar. Please be aware that by registering a .ng domain name, you are bound by NIRA’s Terms and Conditions


All non-NG domains are provisioned through our registrar partner Freenom / Namesilo Domains. As such we cannot guarantee the availability of a particular domain, however any charges incurred in the registration of a domain which is subsequently found to be unavailable will be refunded in full.

Both NG and non-NG domains are provisioned through third-party registrars.

Please note that the registrars may reject the registration of a domain if invalid information is provided at the time of order. All TLDs and ccTLDs have differing validation requirements which are also subject to change. As such we are not responsible for the validation of such data and it is your responsibility to check that a domain registration has been completed by the receipt of a ‘domain registration confirmation’ email. In the unlikely event a domain is rejected by the registrar, you will not receive such an email and we would need to be alerted to investigate this with the registrar directly and process the registration manually.