Completing the ‘Getting Started Wizard’ in WHMCS for integration with Reseller Hosting

Once you have installed WHMCS, the first screen you will be greeted with when logging into WHMCS is the ‘Getting Started Wizard’. As a AbollyHost Reseller, you are able to completely automate the provisioning process for new accounts from within WHM, using its built in cPanel / WHM integration.

Getting Started Wizard – General

The General screen is where you will enter your basic company information. You can also upload your logo through this screen and add your address which would be displayed on your customers invoices. This section is self explanatory – once complete, click ‘Next’.

Getting Started Wizard – Payments

The payments screen allows you to define the payment methods you want to accept from your customers. We recommend you use PayPal as a minimum, however we would strongly encourage looking at ‘Stripe’ or WorldPay for credit / debit card transactions.

Getting Started Wizard – Domains

If you are looking to allow automatic registrations for domain names, there are a few options to choose from however, we also have a domain reseller module which you can enable separately from this screen (requires additional steps). For a full guide on how to use our domain reseller module, click here.

Getting Started Wizard – Web Hosting

This is an important part of the integration with your AbollyHost account. Please note that ALL of the information required for this screen will be in your WELCOME EMAIL. Hostname / IP: IN YOUR WELCOME EMAIL (this is the ‘name’ of the server) Username: your WHM username Password: your WHM Password Nameservers: This information will also be in your welcome email – the nameservers you need to enter here will vary depending on the type of service you have purchased from us.

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