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How to Manually Install WordPress in DirectAdmin Control Panel

In this article, we explain how to install WordPress on a DirectAdmin. Installing WordPress   Step 1 Download Joomla from the WordPress homepage and save the .zip file to your computer.   Step 2 Log in to DirectAdmin as the user for which you want to install WordPress and click ‘Files’.   Step 3 You now see an overview of the folders and files. Click ‘Domains’.   Step 4 […]

How to upload file to your Directadmin Through Ftp

Hello guys, As we now introduce Directadmin as alternative to cPanel, We will teach you how to upload files to your website through ftp on Directadmin. Step 1: Obtain FTP client software. Uploading to the server through FTP requires special software. Most computer systems do not come with FTP clients, so you will have to download one from the Internet. We strongly recommend FileZilla Step 2: Connect to the […]

Simple step to create your own wordpress plugin

Simple step to create your own wordpress plugin Hello Guys! My name is Olamide Olades, i want to teach you guys: “How to create your own wordpress plugin” To Create the plugin: you must have a demo site to run the stuff on, get a demo site by adding subdomain to your existing domain then install WordPress in your softaculous then create any user name and […]

Shared wordpress flat visual chat premium plugin

Hello some days ago, i promised to share this plugin but due to some issue i couldn’t. Before we continue: check 19 Disadvantages of Using WordPress you must know Today i’m going to share the plugin with you and its uses. But before you download this plugin, you should know that Wordpress Flat Visual Chat plugin. is a unique chat not only allows you to communicate with […]

Why using Abollyhost for hosting your websites

Good day everyone, Due to many request and review, i want to share some important information with you today. I’ve seen many people asking how strong, or reliable Abolly Hosting Inc. Servers is? I’m here today to share all what you need to know our Abolly Hosting Inc. Servers, and why you should host with us. Before i start, let quickly know what and mission […]

How Your Web Hosting Affects Your Ranking in SEO Today

[box type=”warning”] [dropcap]A[/dropcap]   t last, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Your new website is online. It looks amazing – even better than you’d imagined. It’s been a long hard slog to get to this point but now you just need to wait for the orders to come pouring in. But something’s up. There are nowhere near as many orders as you were expecting. You’ve […]

How to register domain name

In this tutorial, we will be able to register any domain name on our server with this simple thrick, let get started.   STEP1: Open our website front page on your browser you will be redirect to the availability page, that will show you maybe the name is available or not If the name is available you can proceed to checkout or go for the […]


WordPress is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), used by approximately 75 million websites.

WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time.

The team at Fresh Consulting has many years of accumulated knowledge and resources to deploy high quality websites using WordPress. Here are a few reasons why it’s our top choice for clients:

1. The most popular CMS in the world

WordPress holds the largest CMS market share by far, and currently accounts for over a quarter of all websites. As a result, many users are already familiar with the WordPress CMS, requiring less staff training when building a new site.

CMS Market Share 2017

Wordpress Market Share

Breakdown of websites with a clearly identifiable CMS, according to W3Tech’s survey of the top 1 million domains.

2. Open Source with room for expansion

WordPress can be self-hosted, so there are no costs associated with downloading, installing, and upgrading. There are more than 50,000 WordPress plugins (often free), such as slideshows, contact forms, SEO optimization, etc.

For inspiration, check out 5 Best Security Firewall Plugins Compared, Must Use In WordPress. Fresh Consulting licenses the premium plugins we deploy on websites, such as WordPress video manuals and easy website backup and restore functions, at no additional cost to you.

3. Highly customizable for great flexibility

WordPress is popular because it meets the demands of many users with its flexible framework, which allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications. Coupled with user-generated extensions, websites are no longer limited by enterprise extensions.

Our team has experience extending WordPress functionality, as well as incorporating a wide range of plugins, to meet our clients’ unique demands.

SEE: 19 Disadvantages of Using WordPress you must know

4. Designed for anyone, not just developers

Before WordPress became a popular CMS for website development, it was developed for non-tech savvy bloggers. So, most of the user-interface components are easy to use, and there are written and recorded manuals available for easily learning how to use WordPress functions. Our team handles all the complexities of setting up and customizing your website; all you have to do is to update the content on pages, posts, widgets, etc.

One of the premium plugins we provide to our clients offers both written and video user manuals for WordPress to facilitate on-boarding with the CMS.

5. Lower setup and maintenance costs

According to DeviousMedia, WordPress incurs fewer setup, customization, and maintenance costs in comparison to other Open Source CMS like Drupal and Joomla. Additionally, it is relatively easier to find WordPress designers and developers if more customization or development is necessary in the future. You don’t get locked down by a static website or proprietary CMS that is costly to tweak after initial development.

WordPress can be a quick win for improving your customer experience. Contact us today to learn more.

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What’s wordpress and it’s uses in CMS

What’s wordpress and it’s uses in CMS

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.  To function, WordPress has to be installed on a web server, which would either be part of an Internet hosting service or a network host in its own right. An example of the first scenario may be a service like WordPress.com, for example, and the second case could be a computer running the software package WordPress.org. A local computer may be used for […]

19 Disadvantages of Using WordPress you must know

WordPress without a doubt is an influential content management system that allows people to build user-friendly websites in a few minutes. It offers a ton of powerful themes, plugins, and tools that let you create pretty much anything. Despite all these features, WordPress has some severe pitfalls that can affect your online presence. Being a WordPress site owner, it is essential for you to consider […]

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