5 Ways To Market Your Reseller Hosting Business

5 ways to market your reseller hosting business


In the course of managing your web hosting enterprise it is easy to get sidetracked by technical concerns. The advantages of your reseller hosting plan is that we have the technical side covered. So you can focus on the best ways to make your company stand out in the web hosting marketplace


Here are 5 easy way to Market Your Reseller Hosting Business


In comparison to other businesses a Reseller Hosting business is very easy to start, however like with any business getting customers in the door is usually the hard part. Here are 7 easy to implement tips that can help drive customers to through your door and hopefully to more sales.

  1. Develop Relationship

There is always more business to be found and one great way to get more leads without much leg work is through opportunities with local web designers. Build partnerships where you provide hosting in exchange for web design leads.

  1. Referral Program

Most billing systems such as WHMCS and Clientexec have inbuilt referral or affiliate systems. Put together a competitive referral program and let your customers drive business for you, it’s cheaper than adwords and your reach will be a lot greater.

  1. Get a Blog and write

Content is still king. Start a blog and put up useful content that people will want to read about and hopefully pass on through social platforms. Don’t be afraid of telling all and sharing some insights about your Reseller Hosting Business and more importantly giving answers to problems that took you days to work, I bet you someone else out there is probably on Google looking for an article on how they can fix the same problem you just worked out.

  1. Participate in Forums

Forums are still great, one for Australians is Web Hosting Talk Australia, we’re active on there along with a number of other providers. Forums are a great place to share ideas, solve problems, talk to potential customers and share some of your special offers.

  1. Customer Testimonials

If you don’t have any get some, if you already have some get more! We refresh our testimonials every 3 months after we conduct our quarterly surveys, this list should be growing year on year and make sure that the testimonials are easily accessible for your visitors.


These are some really easy ways to increase your market share and if you’re not doing any just go out there and tackle one at a time until you’re nailing everyone of them. No matter what size your business if  you regularly revisit this list and measure how you are performing you will be able to drive more growth to your web hosting business.  If you have any other tips or experiences that you can share i’d love to hear them!

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