New and Better Tutorial on How to Connect Your Domain to Blogger Account Without Going Through Stress

New and Better Tutorial on How to Connect Your Domain to Blogger Account Without Going Through Stress

In today’s lesson, I will be teaching you on “New and Better tutorial on how to connect your domain to your blogger account without going through Stress”. This tutorial is New and Better because it is easy and involve no Stress.


According to Merriam-Webster, it is a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks, videos, and photographs provided by the writer.

But we are not going there today. What we will be learning is how to connect your domain to blogspot.


To connect your domain to blogspot, you will have to buy a domain. You can check buy your domain at abollyhost via this link. But if you have domain with abollyhost already, you have no problem. Further more, there is one thing you need before you connect to blogspot.


You need what is called DNS(domain name server/system) Module.It is the phonebook of the internet. DNS Module is what enables you to connect your domain to blogspot. Without the DNS, you cannot connect to blogspot. At Abollyhost, we offer it for free. The only payment you will make is just for setup. And that cost just ₦700. You can buy it via this link. And this is one time payment. You will never pay again for it.

  • CNAME Record

A Canonical Name record is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System which maps one domain name to another.

  • A Record

A record means Address record. An A record is a type of Domain Name System record that allows the address of a computer to be found using its host name. A record links domain, sub-domain to an IP address.

This record is required in the DNS manager.




You are set to connect your domain to your Blogger account. Without stress,


  1. Login to your blogger account.
  2. After that, click on the settings in your blogger account.                                                                           
  3. Navigate to custom domain and click on it
  4. Enter the domain name in the line shown at the top. It must be in this format www.yourdomainname. Then click on save.
  5. After you have clicked on save, there is a message that will appear. The message displayed contains the two CNAME record you need to connect your domain to your blogger account. Furthermore,

At this point, you will have to navigate to your cPanel. Here is what you will do in your control panel.

  • You will create an A record

You will create four(4) A records.

Secondly, you will create two(2) CNAME records. The two CNAME is contained in the message on your blogger account.

Navigate to DNS Manager Panel/Control Panel

Check under domain section. You will see Zone Editor, click on it.

  • After that, click on Manage button.

Clicking on the ”manage button”, will take you to where you will create the records.

After that, click on the record you want to create. If it is A record, the name will not change. Only the record will change. There are many A records there but you just have to change four of them to the above A records.

The next thing after the A record is to create CNAME record.

The CNAME record you will create is provided in your “Blogger account”. For a better way to check, follow this procedure.

Go to “settings” in your blogger account.

Navigate to “Publishing”.

Then to “+Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog. There you will see the two CNAME record you will create.

Then go back to your Control Panel/ DNS Manager Panel to create the CNAME record. Copy it from your blogger account and paste it.

The first CNAME is always the same. Only the second one is different.

Name                                                                                 Destination

www                                                                                  ghs.google.com

The “www” will be at the back, while the domain name will follow. The same thing with the second CNAME. For example,

www.abollyhost.com                                                      ghs.google.com

wibhvygd.abollyhost.com                                            gv-4fg2saftsimri8.dv.googlehosted.com

This is the format

Furthermore, you will go back to your blogger account. Type your domain in the format www.yourdomainname. And lastly, click on save.

After it has save, you will have to wait until it propagate. The time spent in propagating depends on the extension of the domain. You have successfully connect your domain to your blogger account.

And Abollyhost.com can help you to connect your blogger account to your domain for free.  Follow this procedure:

  1. Invite us at abollyhost@gmail.com
  2. Make us as admin for us to be able to access the site
  3. You are free. We will help you to connect it without stressing you.

In conclusion, I hope it is not stressful. Thank you.




Advantage of using DMCA ignored web hosting

Advantage of using DMCA ignored web hosting


The main benefit of a DMCA ignored hosting solution, also called “offshore hosting” (Dedicated server, VPS, etc) is the fact that the hosting provider guarantees that your content will stay online and will not be taken down when DMCA take-down notices are received. Actually You have to read the terms of services to avoid bad surprises.




You might be wondering why to bother with getting a provider with DMCA Ignored Hosting when you can simply create your website with authentic content. However, the world has become a global village where stiff competition may drive various parties to launch complaints simply to get your website shut down or suspended.

This happens more often than you could imagine. Moreover, many complaints are not backed by any evidence yet, your website will pay the price.

This is due to the common policy of “suspend first, investigate later”. Hence, hosting your website with a provider who does not ignore DMCA, will leave you vulnerable to various attacks.

Having a provider with DMCA Ignored WEB Hosting will help keep your website alive. DMCA ignored hosting will also give you more freedom to show content that might otherwise be banned. This ensures that your freedom of speech is protected.

DMCA Ignored Hosting is also very good for your business. Being protected from unjustified attacks by your competitors will help grow your customer base. Besides, if you want to open an online casino, then DMCA Ignored Hosting will work for you.

A provider with DMCA Ignored Hosting will also deal with other matters that affect your websites such as legal disputes. This will give you time to focus on what’s important, your website.

In addition to helping out with legal issues, providers of DMCA Ignored Hosting also have experts who will give you support. This is very important especially if your website contains very sensitive information.

Abollyhost DMCA Ignored Hosting will also enhance your website’s security features. This is because there are parties out there who will go to great lengths to bring your site down. Having a great provider will defend your site against various dangers such as DDoS attacks.

Another reason why you’ll need DMCA Ignored Hosting is that many providers accept alternative methods of payment. This is where cryptocurrencies come in, they ensure complete anonymity. This protects your privacy especially if you upload very sensitive content on your site.

What is DMCA protection?

The DMCA, or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, protects creative works on the internet and contains the legal foundation for rights management in digital works. … The DMCA protects both copyright owners and internet service providers (ISP), otherwise known as online service providers (OSP).


DMCA blocks or suspends any content that has been found to contain copyrighted information. This may include texts, photos or videos that don’t legally belong to the website.
Once the copyright owner realizes that his or her content is being used on another website, he or she sends an email notifying the host of the infringement. The host then proceeds to block or completely suspend the website.
Although DMCA is a law meant to protect individual property, it is often misused by parties with ulterior motives.
What is DMCA ignored hosting?
The web hosting service that will accept DMCA or illegal content is called a DMCA ignored hosting. We all know generally almost any web hosting provider does not accept or support DMCA or illegal contents because that leads to legal problems or complaints against the company and the company will all be responsible for your contents.

ABOLLYHOST is one of the leading DMCA Ignore Hosting Provider. ABOLLYHOST is providing shared hosting with Unmetered bandwidth for your startup projects. Click here to get started sir.

Thank you.

Easy and Fast Way to Login to cPanel on Abollyhost Without Stress

Easy and Fast Way to Login to cPanel on Abollyhost Without Stress

This tutorial is for you if you do not know how to login to your cPanel on abollyhost.

  What is cPanel?

Firstly, what does cPanel means? cPanel means Control Panel.  cPanel is one of the web hosting control panel. It is an automation tools that simplify the hosting of a website. This tools allow you to monitor your website, to control it e.t.c. It allows you to access modules, like, security, databases, domains, emails, web applications e.t.c. It is easy to operate. Check here for more information on cPanel.

 Easy Way to Login to my cPanel on Abollyhost?

Login to your abollyhost account. Or you can do that through this link

After you have logged in to your account, click on the “services” icon.

  After you have clicked on it, it will take you to this page below:

Furthermore, click on the “active link”. After you have clicked on that, you will be taken to another page. This page is the page where you can login to your cPanel with just one click.

easy  Click on the Login to cPanel. And you will be taken directly to your Control Panel.

Yes! You are in your control panel now. You can then continue with your work.

You can see it is truly easy and fast to login to your cPanel on abollyhost without going through stress. Awesome, with just “three clicks” you are able to login to your cPanel. Thank you.