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DirectAdmin File Structure

Directory Structure The organization of files into a hierarchy of folders is known as the directory structure. The directory structures is modeled after the hierarchical tree model. Let’s take a closer look at the DirectAdmin directory structure in detail.   Apache /etc/httpd              – Apache /etc/httpd/conf/         – Configuration files are stored in this directory /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.crt/   […]

How to enable LetsEncrypt on DirectAdmin

LetsEncrypt is a free SSL tool that lets you install a very basic free SSL Certificate with 1 click.  It supports multiple domains and sub-domains, and will auto-renew automatically before it expires after it’s ~90 day lifespan. To enable this feature in DirectAdmin, ensure you have DirectAdmin 1.50.1 or newer. If you’re running CentOS 6 or newer, it’s recommended to set DA to allow SNI. This […]

How To Verify Your Domain Ownership On Google Webmaster Console

Hello guy, Many people had been asking me for the tutorial on HOW TO VERIFY DOMAIN OWNERSHIP ON GOOGLE WEBMASTER CONSOLE. Today, we are going to look at this in the best procedure on NET.  I’m going to teach you how to do this on cPanel as this seems to be the most commonly use, this also work with other panels such as DirectAdmin, and […]

How To Fix cPanel Error IP Address Has Changed

Hello guys, many users had severally been complaining about IP Address changed error on Cpanel. Today, i’m going to provide a cure and permanent solution to it as it’s seems to be the simplest way on NET. Major records, shows that this is due to Dynamic IP system being adopted by some ISP’s (Internet Service Providers). One very easy way to avoid this error is […]

How To Link My Blogspot Site To WordPress Blog

What should & will be transferred? Before we start, it would be nice to know a few details. In a perfect world, you would go to one blog, click a button to export it, and it would magically appear on your self-hosted website. While it is still not possible, we at First Site Guide offer a substitution for the magic. Let us move your Blogger […]

How do I check the disk usage of my cPanel/Whm reseller account?

Check disk space usage of all cPanel accounts To check allotted disk space and current disk space usage for specific account, follow these steps. Log into WHM with your reseller account. Locate Account Information section and select List Accounts. In next screen, you would see list of cPanel accounts along with allotted disk space quota and actual disk space usage columns. Check disk space usage of entire reseller […]

How can I enable Mod-Rewrite Module?

How can I enable Mod-Rewrite Module? Sometimes, developers find it difficult to Enable or disable Apache Mod-Rewrite Module in cPanel. By default, this module always set to enable, but in some case it may had been disabled. ALSO CHECK: How to force download media files on wordpress You can follow the below steps to enable it back;  Login to your cPanel Click on file manager  Enable […]

How To Stop Receiving Spam Comments On Your WordPress Blog

Unfortunately, comment spam is a fact of life on the internet. If you enable comments on your website, you will have to deal with spammers. To prevent your site from making a poor first impression, you’ll need to find a way to stop comment spam in its tracks. While you may never be able to eliminate spam entirely, you can do a lot to slow it down. […]

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