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How to force www or non-www for a cPanel site

It is recommended by Google that your site is only accessible via either www or without www (and NOT both). As such, you should configure a redirect to force one or the other. We provide a simple facility for doing this… Login to cPanel Go to ‘Nginx Cluster Control’ section and select ‘CLOUDNS’ Select the domain you wish to enable the protection for from the […]

A different site is showing under my domain name when I browse via https

This happens when you are attempting to access your site via https:// when there is no SSL installed. Some browsers will also show an error. A different site is sometimes shown behind https:// as without an SSL installed, there is no virtualhost entry within the Apache configuration. To resolve this you can install a free Let’sEncrypt SSL

Installing a free SSL certificate in cPanel using LetsEncrypt

Installing an SSL certificate in cPanel is easy! Best of all, its free with Abollyhost. Note: Installing a certificate does will not force your browsers to visit the site via https:// – to do this, you would need to see our ‘How to force your site to use SSL (https) using cPanel‘ guide. LOCATING THE PLUGIN Find the “Let’s Encrypt™ for cPanel” icon in the […]

How to Add Tables in WordPress Posts and Pages (No HTML Required)

Tables are an important tool to sort and present data in an understandable format. Even though you can create tables by manually writing HTML and CSS inside your posts, it is not a feasible option for many specially if they lack the HTML and CSS knowledge. In this article, we will show you how to add tables in WordPress posts and pages. Best of all, […]

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