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What is SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate is a digitally signed certificate that establishes the identity of a website and uses encryption to send data to the website. The certificate is issued by a trusted authority known as a Certificate Authority (CA) and typically contains information like the Owner’s name, Name of issuer,  the certificate holder’s public key and an expiration date. SSL Certificates are generally used when a website […]

WordPress Guide: How To Move Your Blogs From Blogger To WordPress Without Loosing any contents

Moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress Sometimes is right to move your blog from one platform to another. You may have outgrown the platform. You may want to do a change that the platform doesn’t allow you to do, or you may just need a fresh place to work in. Blogging platforms are flexible and allow the content archives to be exported/imported into other platforms. Following is the step-by-step guide on […]

Blogging Tips: How to Create A Blog with Blogger.Com

If you don’t have a person gmail account (must not be your education gmail, such as University of Minnesota gmail account), go ahead and create new gmail account now. It’s important that you don’t use your official education account as it doesn’t have all the features that personal gmail accounts do. IMPORTANT: When you use your personal gmail account and your personal blog, you should use […]

Free Web Hosting Week For All Our New Users

We’re hereby informed you that Abolly Hosting Inc. 50% OFF FROM (26TH-31TH OCTOBER 2017)   It sound cool, what will you do, when you get UNLIMITED PLAN for just “N1500/MONTH” OR Our minimum hosting plan for just “N125/MONTH”   use “ABOLLY@50” to checkout     Is going through a schedule free web hosting week ALSO READ: WordPress Guide: How to add/install SSL certificate and HTTPS in […]

Most 10 Best (Pay Per Click) PPC Sites Publisher Ad Networks For Bloggers

Pay Per Click sites are those that present the visitors with a list of Ads, forms, surveys, etc. which when are clicked or further shared by the visitors, they get paid a small amount of money for that. Have a look all these websites in the article.     If you think that you won’t be able to make some good amount of money through […]

HTML TIPS: Everything You Need to Know To Get Started in HTML Basics

The aim is to show you ‘how’ to create your first web page without spending the entire tutorial focusing too much on the ‘why’. By the end of this tutorial, you will have the know-how to create a basic website and we hope that this will inspire you to delve further into the world of HTML using our follow-on guides. What is HTML? Ok, so […]

WordPress Guide: How to add/install SSL certificate and HTTPS in wordpress

Are you looking to move from HTTP to HTTPS and install a SSL certificate on your WordPress site? In this article, we will show you how to add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress. Don’t worry, if you have no idea what SSL or HTTPS is. We’re going to explain that as well. What is HTTPS and SSL? Every day we share our personal information with […]

WordPress Guide: What is the meaning of SSL Certificate in wordpress

What IS SSL CERTIFICATE? SSL is an abbreviation used for Secure Sockets Layers, which are encryption protocols used on the internet to secure information exchange and provide certificate information. These certificates provide an assurance to the user about the identity of the website they are communicating with. SSL may also be called TLS or Transport Layer Security protocol. In most modern web browsers users can […]

WordPress Guide: Why Building Your Email List is so Important in WordPress

In this article, we will show you the top reasons why building your email list is important (with real case studies). We will also show you how to start building your email list – step by step. By the end of this article, you will have answers to all your questions about building an email list. What is an Email List and Why is it […]

WordPress Guide: 5 Best Security Firewall Plugins Compared, Must Use In WordPress

What is a WordPress Security  Firewall Plugin? A WordPress Security firewall plugin (also known as web application firewall or WAF), acts as a shield between your website and all incoming traffic. These web application firewalls monitor your website traffic and blocks many common security threats before they reach your WordPress site. Aside from significantly improving your WordPress security, often these web application firewalls also speed up […]

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